Smug Drinks

Smug Drinks are 100% natural health drinks that are infused with rich herbal extracts and vitamin blends. As a start-up drinks manufacturer Smug Drinks needed a brand identity that would enable them to get their products listed on shelves in well-known retailers and sell their benefits to the consumer.

The Mission

The drink creator Max Jones had a vision to create a healthy drink that not only tasted great but also had the added benefit of being 100% natural and without added sugar. Our task was to help position, name and brand this new ambitious drinks manufacturer.


We worked with Max to get an understanding of his purpose and vision for the brand. He shared his story, ‘reason for being’ and we learnt that he wanted people to feel great about drinking his drink. He said he wanted people to ‘feel smug’ at the fact they were drinking something tasty with all those added benefits. This was the point that ‘Smug Drinks’ was born.

The Creative

It’s hard to convey a feeling of smugness so instead we used the fun and energetic approach Max had for his new venture as our inspiration. The visual identity was brought to life through fun typography, bold colours and a bit of juicyness!


“We couldn’t be happier with the end results from Northlight. They helped us come up with the brand name firstly and then full brand identity. We knew that to stand any chance of success in the crowded soft drinks market our brand identity and brand designs had to seriously stand-out on shelf and communicate all of the benefits and USP’s of the product. Northlight did this and more, it has been a pleasure working with them over the last 2 years.” Max Jones, Director.

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