The Brief

Drive DeVilbiss (previously Drive Medical) is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of durable medical products in the world today. After a major acquisition, the business approached us to evolve their existing brand. The brief was to provide an essential brand framework that can be adopted by their international operations and global partners to bring to life their new guiding principle of ‘enhancing quality of life’.

What we did

After working with Drive Medical for over 15 years, this new project challenged us to think differently about a business that had become part of our day to day studio life. We revisited every part of the old brand to see what worked and what didn’t. We looked at where it could be improved and how we can create a more cohesive visual language. One of the challenges Drive DeVilbiss faced was that multiple international operations and their suppliers would use the brand; therefore we needed to create a framework that could be flexible as well as consistent.

Visual Language

While working side by side with the marketing team at Drive DeVilbiss, we stripped back the existing brand to its core elements. A logo redesign wasn’t on the table, so we tidied the design up a little and concentrated on the brand’s visual language. Helping customers and improving lives is at the heart of Drive DeVilbiss’ offer so we introduced this core message through the brand. We used customer-focused imagery along with a new softer typographic style to help tell the new brand story.

Marketing Communication

We developed a comprehensive brand guideline handbook that provides anyone working on the brand with the tools to create consistent communication. With the visual identity in place, we updated the Drive DeVilbiss suite of marketing materials, rolled out new on and off line advertising, updated packaging designs and provided support for brand and seasonal campaigns.

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